VA - Beach Lounge Hot Summer Edition (2 CD) (Full Covers) (2008)

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Artist.....: VA
Title......: Beach Lounge Hot Summer Edition
Year.......: 2008
Genre......: House
Quality....: VBR 202 kbps
Size.......: 212,4 MB
Playtime...: 159:05 min
Encoder....: Lame3.97[-V2 --vbr-new]

Track Listings

Disc: 1
01. TDJ Feat. Romy - With You (Intrigue Dub Extended)
02. Fibonacci - La Puerta Del Sol (Privilege Mix)
03. Kandi Kids - Hed Fantasy (Soulshifters Remix)
04. Dub Armada & Mireya - Esperando (Joey Flores Groove Dub)
05. Rike Boomgaarden - Let Love Shine (Smoove Full Vocal Mix)
06. Endless Summer feat. Nikki - On The Beach (Delano's Envy Mix)
07. Tomtempl feat. Pat Appleton - Fly To Sunshine (Original Mix)
08. Calabria Inc feat. Celina Cruz - Cheo (From Dusk Til Dawn Mix)
09. Son Of A Beach - Sex And The City (10 Things Not To Say To A Woman)
10. Le Foxx - Spanish Kiss (Brothers Of Bliss French House Mix)
11. X- Files Of House - I Don't Care (Mike Kamins Smooth Beat Mix)
12. Burnin' House feat. Carly - Rehab Miami (WMC Rooftop Dub)
13. The Chronicles Of Ibiza - Vaya Con Dios (Martinez Remix)
14. La Marina - Al Puerto (Ibiza Chillhouse Version)
15. Es Canar - La Ducha Que Canta (Pacha Bootleg Mix)
16. Livehou5 feat. Iman - To Your Mind (Vinzent Schwarz Remix)
17. Drama Baby - Deeper (Next Topmodel Remix)

Disc: 2
01. Groove Police - Groove Control (Lounge House Dub)
02. Island Affairs - The Beach Club (Dubfather Balearic Mix)
03. Michel Nieppenberg - London Cab (Calling Ibiza Version)
04. Matthew Kramer - Mainhattan Memories (Extended Album Mix)
05. Robie - Footsteps In The Sand (No Coldplay On The Beach Dub)
06. Chanel Luv feat. Eshantelle - Freemasons (Perception Remix)
07. Maestro & Cabal - Escuchame Mi Amore (Viva La Vida Tribal Dub Mix)
08. Hainbook - Cold Days (Bring Back Da Sun)
09. Nu Porn Addicts - If It Would Be That Easy (The Penthouse Sessions Mix)
10. Tom & Flow - Deep Play (190 East Mix)
11. Climatic - Everything (Winehouse Project Mix)
12. Vara Del Rey - Los Cumpleanos De Las Balenas (Bar Celona Edit)
13. Alvaro Caldera - La Dije A Bailar (Playa Ibiza Dub Mix)
14. Cielo E Terra Project - Have You Ever (Tony Rivera Remix)
15. Dibujo Blanco - Que Buene Otra Vez (Estъdio Paradiso Mix)
16. Steve Osaka - Dans La Nuit (Les Baines Douches Remix)
17. Fudge X - Shake Ya (At The Playboy Mansion)


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