Jo De La Rosa - Unscripted (2008)

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Artist: Jo De La Rosa
Album Title: Unscripted
Record Label: Immergent
Genre: Pop
Year: 2008
Encoder: Lame 3.97mod
Quality: 205.3kbps avg / 44.1KHz / Joint-Stereo 
Playtime: 37:11 min
Size: 54.7 MB

Release Note

You might remember Jo De La Rosa from Bravo's Real Housewives of Orange County. On that show, Jo's musical talents were given a bit of exposure - just enough for music labels to take notice as it was apparent that Jo De La Rosa has all the makings of the next pop superstar. Unscripted's first smash single "U Can't Control Me" is the title track for Jo's new series on Bravo entitled "Date My Ex." On immergent Records. The sessions were produced by dance/urban Producers Bryan Todd and "Smidi" Smith, known for their previous work with Ashley Tisdale and Josh Kelley. Not only does this debut release contain many dance tracks and ballads, Jo's lends her South American roots to two songs recorded in Spanish. Her talent, charisma, background and nationality sets De La Rosa well apart from the rest. Her sound is arresting and electrifying. The sound of the album is "very edgy, sexy and fresh. I feel like it's going to be something that a lot of girls are going to love hearing while they're getting ready to go out on a Friday night. It's just a really fun album," says De La Rosa.

Track List

01 U Can't Control Me 02:49
02 Look But Don't Touch 03:12
03 Rumors 02:46
04 Letting Go 03:31
05 Lah Dee Dah 02:51
06 Rhythm Of Your Soul 03:35
07 State Of Insane 03:00
08 Honestly 03:29
09 Seductively 02:37
10 A Little Inspiration 03:36
11 Puedes Vermes Sin Tocar (Look But Don't To 02:53
12 Al Ritmo De Tu Amor (Rhythm Of Your Soul) 02:52 

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