Little Jackie - The Stoop (Explicit) (2008)

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Artist: Little Jackie
Album: The Stoop
Year: 2008
LABEL: S-Curve
PRESET: V0 (LAME 3.97)
BITRATE: avg 252 kbps / 4410kHz / Joint Stereo
SIZE: 62,1 MB

Blend the old-school R&B sound with a quirky hybrid of hip-hop and pop and you get Little Jackie, the creation of genre-defying singer-songwriter Imani Coppola and multi-instrumentalist Adam Pallin. With a nod to the soulful Motown rhythms of the past and a sneer to many of the social and cultural issues that consume the public today, Coppola has crafted an album of musical sugar and spice, filled with sweet, saccharine-tinged melodies and spicy, bold commentaries.


01. The Stoop (2:55)
02. The World Should Revolve Around Me (3:03)
03. 28 Butts (3:09)
04. Guys Like When Girls Kiss (3:41)
05. Liked You Better Before (4:00)
06. LOL (2:40)
07. Cryin’ For The Queen (3:27)
08. Black Barbie (3:22)
09. One Love (2:36)
10. The Kitchen (2:31)
11. Go Hard Or Go Home (2:45)


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