James Morrison - Songs For You Truth For Me (2008)

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ARTIST : James Morrison
TITLE : Songs For You, Truth For Me
LABEL : Interscope/Polydor Records
Released : 30-9-2008
BITRATE : 185 kbps avg VBR
PLAYTIME : 00:45:39
SIZE : 63.7MB

Release Note
James Morrison had a dream start to his career as a singer-songwriter - his debut album Undiscovered yielded no fewer than five singles - You Give Me Something, Wonderful World, The Pieces Don't Fit Anymore, Undiscovered and One Last Chance.

Undiscovered went to No 1 in Britain, Top 30 in America and won him the 2007 Brit Award for Best Male (he was also nominated for Best Single and Best Newcomer). James's debut sold over two million copies worldwide and he became the biggest selling British male solo artist of 2006.

James's reputation as a must-see live performer also soared. Following his jaw dropping, first ever TV performance on Later With Jools Holland he went on to play amazing shows to adoring crowds, including the V festival twice in one day, the Royal Variety Performance, the Concert for Diana and the more traditional 3 sold-out UK tours.

He toured Europe, Australia and Japan, did three separate tours of America, gigging coast to coast. He also supported John Mayer on his large outdoor `sheds' tour in the US. James loved the musical appreciation in the American South, in particular. "People were awesome in Alabama - really friendly, loud and lairy. Even if you play a quiet song, afterwards they just go YEAH!!!" In August 2007 he sat down to write and record the Notoriously Difficult Second Album. And at first it did prove difficult. "As soon as I'd get something good I'd think about it and screw it up." And then the penny dropped: "Just go for what you're feeling at the time. That's how I worked on the first album, and in a way I think that's some of the reason why people liked it. It wasn't trying too hard." And so the people who really made him feel, the ones who became the subjects of his songs on Undiscovered - his family and friends - his relationship with each of them, and the new chapters in all their lives, became central to the new album. James went with whatever and whoever was on his mind, and took it from there. The songs began to flow.

"I've called the album Songs for You, Truths for Me because that's what I feel it is. It's songs for Gill and everyone else. But for me they're truths. They're how I feel."

Songs for You, Truths For Me is a classic James Morrison record that once again showcases his distinctive, raw, soulful style - but takes it to the next level. "It's less playful, more to the point," he says. "But I haven't consciously gone for a different sound. With me, it always comes down to the lyric, the melody, and the rest flows from that."

James Morrison's big, unashamedly romantic heart and generous spirit shines through like a beacon. Songs For You, Truths For Me sees the wide eyed soul-boy become a wiser man. With this he shines once more on a brilliant new collection of songs and cathartic truths.

Track List

1. The Only Night 3:37
2. Save Yourself 3:01
3. You Make It Real 3:31
4. Please Don't Stop The Rain 3:54
5. Broken Strings (feat. Nelly Furtado) 4:10
6. Nothing Ever Hurt Like You 3:51
7. Once When I Was Little 4:42
8. Precious Love 3:37
9. If You Don't Wanna Love Me 4:15
10. Fix The World Up For You 3:35
11. Dream On Hayley 3:33
12. Love Is Hard 3:53


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