Tracy Chapman Discography (8 Albums)

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Tracy Chapman (Born March 30, 1964) is an American singer-songwriter, best known for her singles "Fast Car", "Talkin' 'bout a
Revolution", "Baby Can I Hold You", "Give Me One Reason" "The Promise" and "Telling Stories". She is a multi-platinum and four-time Grammy Award-winning artist.

The Tracy Chapman discography in .mp3 files, clean tag, cover and organised are here.

Artist: Tracy Chapman
Genne: Folk, blues


Name album: Tracy Chapman (Album)
Year : 1988
Size: 37 Mb


01. Talkin' Bout A Revolution (2:38)
02. Fast Car (4:58)
03. Across The Lines (3:22)
04. Behind The Wall (1:46)
05. Baby Can I Hold You (3:16)
06. Mountains O' Things (4:37)
07. She's Got Her Ticket (3:54)
08. Why ? (2:01)
09. For My Lover (3:15)
10. If Not Now... (8:55)
11. For You (3:09)

Name album: Crossroads
Year : 1989
Size: 60 Mb


01. Crossroads (4:11)
02. Bridges (5:24)
03. Freedom Now (4:02)
04. Material World (3:02)
05. Be Careful Of My Heart (4:39)
06. Subcity (5:09)
07. Born To Fight (2:46)
08. A Hundred Years (4:20)
09. This Time (3:42)
10. All That You Have Is Your Soul (5:16)

Name album: Matters of the Heart
Year : 1992
Size: 62 Mb


01. Bang Bang Bang (4:21)
02. So (3:26)
03. I Used To Be A Sailor (3:56)
04. The Love That You Had (4:11)
05. Woman's Work (2:01)
06. If These Are The Things (4:40)
07. Short Supply (4:23)
08. Dreaming On A World (5:03)
09. Open Arms (4:34)
10. Matters of the Heart (6:59)

Name album: New Beginning
Year : 1995
Size: 92 Mb


01. Heaven's Here On Earth (5:23)
02. New Beginning (5:33)
03. Smoke And Ashes (6:39)
04. Cold Feet (5:40)
05. At This Point In My Life (5:09)
06. The Promise (5:28)
07. The Rape Of The World (7:07)
08. Tell It Like It Is (6:08)
09. Give Me One Reason (4:31)
10. Remember The Time (5:45)
11. I'm Ready (4:56)

* Bonus : Save a Space For Me

Name album: Telling Stories
Year : 2000
Size: 61 Mb


01. Telling Stories (3:58)
02. Less Than Strangers (3:20)
03. Speak The Word (4:30)
04. It's OK (4:00)
05. Wedding Song (4:36)
06. Unsung Psalm (4:20)
07. Nothing Yet (4:04)
08. Paper And Ink (4:52)
09. Devotion (2:48)
10. The Only One (3:08)
11. First Try (3:33)

Name album: Collection
Year : 2001
Size: 69 Mb


01. "Fast Car" - [Tracy Chapman 1988] 4:58
02. "Subcity" - [Crossroads 1989] 5:12
03. "Baby Can I Hold You" - [Tracy Chapman 1988] 3:14
04. "The Promise" - [New Beginning 1995] 5:28
05. "I'm Ready" - [New Beginning 1995] 4:56
06. "Crossroads" - [Crossroads 1989] 4:13
07. "Bang Bang Bang" - [Matters Of The Heart 1992] 4:22
08. "Telling Stories" - [Telling Stories 2000] 3:58
09. "Smoke And Ashes" - [New Beginning 1995] 6:39
10. "Speak The Word" - [Telling Stories 2000] 4:13
11. "Wedding Song" - [Telling Stories 2000] 4:36
12. "Open Arms" - [Matters Of The Heart 1992] 4:34
13. "Give Me One Reason" - [New Beginning 1995] 4:29
14. "Talkin' 'bout a Revolution" - [Tracy Chapman 1988] 2:40
15. "She's Got Her Ticket" - [Tracy Chapman 1988] 3:56
16. "All That You Have Is Your Soul" - [Crossroads 1989] 5:15

Name album: Let It Rain
Year : 2002
Size: 56 Mb


01. "Let It Rain" – 3:40
02. "Another Sun" – 3:11
03. "You're the One" – 3:06
04. "In the Dark" – 5:02
05. "Almost" – 3:52
06. "Hard Wired" – 3:36
07. "Say Hallelujah" – 2:11
08. "Broken" – 4:25
09. "Happy" – 4:00
10. "Goodbye" – 2:28
11. "Over in Love" [instrumental] – 1:47
12. "I Am Yours" – 3:36

Name album: Where You Live
Year : 2005
Size: 65 Mb


01. "Change" – 5:06
02. "Talk to You" – 4:27
03. "3,000 Miles" – 5:58
04. "Going Back" – 5:22
05. "Don't Dwell" – 3:22
06. "Never Yours" – 3:37
07. "America" – 3:43
08. "Love's Proof" – 3:44
09. "Before Easter" – 3:03
10. "Taken" – 3:42
11. "Be and Be Not Afraid" – 4:44
12. "Lose Your Love" – 6:27 (Bonus track on the Japanese version)

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