Ruslana - Wild Energy [2008]

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Rls Name : Ruslana - Wild Energy
Rls Date : Oct-10-2008
Street Date: Oct-10-2008
Rls Type : Album
Company : Warner
Genre : Pop
Source : CDDA
Tracks : 12
Encoder : LAME 3.97 V2: preset standard
Quality : VBRkbps / 44.1kHz / Joint-Stereo
Bitrate : avg. 196kbps

Ruslana's new project takes us into a future city which experiences a global energy crisis, far more threatening than lack of oil and gas. The inhabitants of the synthetic city are lacking their will for life, their energy of the heart - the "fuel for people".

Starting signal of Ruslana's new project was the presentation of the science fiction novel "Wild Energy. Lana" of Ukrainian authors Sergiy and Maryna Diachenko in April 2006. The book serves as the basis of the new project. The main character of the novel, Lana, blond-haired and blue-eyed girl from a synthetic city, is dependent on regular energy plug in. One day she decides to get out of this routine and to the world of real life.

Notwithstanding the fiction character of the plot, it contains allegories, relevant for our time. According to Ruslana, a heart energy crisis is very likely to take over our society, if creative initiatives are not developed and supported. Ruslana's Wild Energy Project challenges the cultural degeneration, the "Energy Ice Age" of the present.

The second element, the Wild Energy single and video movie, centers around main character Lana who is desperately trying to get out of the synthetic world and features sequences of amazing trick effects, stunts and flights.

Wild Energy combines the art of music and video production, literature and social commitment in an extraordinary way and will cover the whole creative year of the singer. Gradually singles, videos, album, a fantasy-show, series of comics, social projects and other elements will be presented.

Track List
01 Wild Energy 04:00
02 Moon Of Dreams (feat. T-Pain) 04:16
03 New Energy Generation 03:24
04 The Girl That Rules (feat. Missy Elliott) 03:15
05 I'll Follow The Night 04:00
06 Silent Angel 03:21
07 Dancing In The Sky 03:31
08 Heaven Never Makes Us Fall 03:35
09 Cry It Out 03:20
10 Overground 03:04
11 Heart On Fire 03:32
12 Energy Of Love 03:37

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