Buika - Niña de fuego (320 Kbps CBR) (Covers) (2008)

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Buika - Niña de fuego (Covers) (2008)
MP3 320 kbps CBR | Pop | Covers | 49:22 min | 112 MB

Release Note
Buika unveils herself on the cover and bears all on her third album, Niña de Fuego. Buika does away with the costumes that usually decorate album covers, stripping away all but her feelings. When she moved to Madrid and recorded her first album, she showed the never-ending possibility of her skills as a singer. With her second album,Mi Niña Lola, produced by Javier Limón, she got the credibility, the recognition, the awards, the performances, and the exciting reviews that left people breathless. Her career cannot be summarized in a sentence but when she opens her mouth you realize there is no singer like her.
Buika now arrives with her third album, Niña de Fuego (Girl of Fire) again teaming up with producer Javier Limón. On this album, Buika returns to the Spanish copla, performs for the first time several ranchera songs, and also some new songs composed by herself and Javier Limón. The album is full of songs about love and longing affection. Buika sings of her personal experience in the lyrics that she and Javier Limón wrote and composed.

Track List

01. La Falsa Moneda
02. Culpa Mia
03. Mienteme Bien
04. La Ni¥a De Fuego
05. Arboles De Agua
06. La Niebla
07. No Habra Nadie En El Mundo
08. Volver, Volver
09. Volveras
10. Mentirosa
11. Hay En La Luz


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