Kamal - Whale Meditation (320 Kbps CBR) (2008)

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Kamal - Whale Meditation (2008)
MP3 320 Kbps CBR | New Age / Meditative / World | 58:03 min | 135 MB

Release Note
Enchanting melodies united with the mysterious and heart-warming songs of the Humpback Whale invoke a tranquil sense of serenity, sending you on a meditative journey to the soul of the earth. The third and final part of the Whale Song Trilogy, Whale Meditation is an excellent album to help still the mind and open the heart, making it the perfect accompaniment for personal meditation, relaxation and the healing arts...

Track List

01. For Absent Friends (Raga Kaushi Bhairavi)
02. Desiderata
03. Whispering Whales
04. Arctic Fire
05. As Above, So Below
06. New World
07. Whale Rider 

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